IWI Founder and President

“Your greatest accomplishment is not in titles or accolades, but it is in recognizing the greatness inside of you that theworld needs and actualizing it!”


Eunice Golloh is the president and founder of Impact Wave Initiative (IWI). A women community driven non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the US as well as a registered non-profit in Ghana. IWI is dedicated to assisting young women build themselves to their best potential through mentorship, workshops, and physical development. Eunice is passionate about empowering young women to know their self-worth and the greatest impact they can make with what God has placed inside of them.

She was brought up in a Ghanaian household where education was very important and taught to be powerful. But more importantly, she was empowered by women like her late mother to be the best in all that she did. With her own personal encounter with life’s unfortunate circumstances and understanding the importance of empowering women, it is her desire to take part and strive for a change. The narrative for how young women see themselves as not good enough, must CHANGE!

As a scholarship recipient and a mentee of various programs herself, she wants to give the same chance that was provided to her to other young women as well. Eunice is an active participant in multiple community service projects, and a member of professional organizations throughout the United States and across the Globe.

After years of contemplation and having the goal of launching a non-profit organization to benefit her community and the world, Impact Wave Initiative (IWI) was founded in 2022. With great support from her community, family and friends, the organization became a fully formed 501(C)(3) in the US and a registered non-profit organization in Ghana May 2022.

Eunice Golloh is a Senior Cybersecurity Analyst by profession, CEO and President of HKG IT Consulting and Shiraba Clothing Line. As a Ghanaian American, she earned her B.A. degree in Economics & Chemistry from Ohio Wesleyan University and her M.A. in Cybersecurity Policy & Management from University of Maryland Global Campus. She is currently completing her Doctorial degree in Cybersecurity at Marymount University. Eunice is indeed a woman changing the narrative globally and embodies Power, Integrity & Excellence.

“Remember in every setback lies the seed of a comeback” – Eunice Golloh.