Discussing How The 21st Century Women Are Breaking New Grounds

February 17, 2024 no comments Eunice Golloh Categories News

The world in recent times has witnessed a shift in the usual and often-accepted narrative of women being the bosses in the kitchen, to now playing the “boss ladies” in the boardroom as well as performing other leading roles in the corporate world.

Without a doubt, women have indeed advanced beyond the wildest measures and this calls for creating systems to shape and mold the journey of younger women to come now that the door is open for women.

Women are setting their own standards, and working towards them without compromising with strict discipline. Importantly, women understand when work has to be done, how to earn respect, and when it’s appropriate to take time off and rejuvenate.

Eunice Golloh, a Senior Cyber Security Policy and Compliance Analyst who doubles as Founder and President of Impact Wave Initiative is an example of young women setting the pace in the new world.

Impact Wave Initiative is a women’s community-driven non-profit organization dedicated to assisting young women to build their capacities and develop skills in order to become global change-makers and make meaningful contributions to the development of their communities.

I had the privilege to have a conversation with Ms. Golloh in her office located in Virginia, United States of America. Our conversation focused on the 21st Century Women and their ground-breaking initiatives.

Question: How would you describe the 21st-century woman?

Answer: The 21st-century woman is characterized by her multifaceted identity, embodying strength, resilience, and versatility. She navigates a dynamic world, embracing roles as professionals, caregivers, and individuals pursuing personal aspirations. She challenges traditional norms, advocating for equality and empowerment while embracing diversity and inclusion. The 21st-century woman is tech-savvy, well-educated, and actively contributes to shaping a more progressive and inclusive society.

Question: What differentiates the 21st-century woman from the older generation?

Answer: The 21st-century woman often experiences increased access to education, career opportunities, technology, and a shifting societal emphasis on gender equality, resulting in more diverse roles and expectations compared to the older generation.

Question: What has been the general drive for what seems to be the “new ideology” with 21st-century women?”

Answer: It’s challenging to pinpoint a single “new ideology” for 21st-century women, as perspectives vary widely and are influenced by cultural, social, economic, and individual factors. However, there has been a global trend towards advocating for gender equality, challenging traditional gender roles, and promoting women’s empowerment in various spheres, including education, employment, and leadership. This movement seeks to address historical inequalities and create a more inclusive and equitable society for women.

Question: Can you list four women breaking new grounds, or four groundbreaking achievements championed by 21st-century women?

Answer: These women just come to mind quickly:

  • Malala Yousafzai – Malala, a Pakistani activist for female education, survived a Taliban assassination attempt and went on to become the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate in 2014 at the age of 17 for her advocacy of education for girls in her native Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, northwest Pakistan.
  • Kamala Harris – Kamala Harris made history in 2021 as the first female Vice President of the United States, as well as the highest-ranking female official in U.S. history. She has broken barriers as the first woman, the first African American woman, and the first Asian American woman to hold the office.
  • Gitanjali Rao – Gitanjali Rao, an American inventor and scientist, was named TIME magazine’s first-ever Kid of the Year in 2020 for her remarkable work in addressing issues such as contaminated drinking water and cyberbullying. She has been a strong advocate for empowering young innovators, especially girls, in the fields of science and technology.
  • Serena Williams – Serena Williams, a tennis icon, has been a trailblazer in women’s sports. She has achieved numerous Grand Slam titles and has been an advocate for gender equality in sports, breaking stereotypes and inspiring a new generation of female athletes to pursue excellence in traditionally male-dominated fields.

These women, among many others, have made significant contributions and broken new ground in various fields, showcasing the capabilities and achievements of women in the 21st century.

Question: What should be expected from 21st-century women going forward in the fast-paced, evolving, and Information Technology driven world?

Answer: 21st-century women can expect increasing opportunities for education, career advancement, and leadership roles in the fast-paced, evolving, and IT-driven world. They should anticipate greater emphasis on digital skills, adaptability, and a shift towards remote work. Additionally, there will be a continued push for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in various sectors. Women can aspire to play crucial roles in shaping technology, innovation, and societal progress. Developing a strong skill set, embracing technological advancements, and advocating for equal opportunities will be key to success in this dynamic landscape.

Question: Your final words on the phenomenon of the 21st-century woman?

Answer: It’s challenging to encapsulate the diverse experiences of 21st-century women in a single statement. The phenomenon of the 21st-century woman is characterized by ongoing strides toward gender equality, increased representation in various fields, and the pursuit of individual aspirations. However, it is essential to recognize that women’s experiences vary widely based on factors such as culture, geography, and socio-economic background. The 21st-century woman is navigating a complex landscape, marked by progress and challenges, as she continues to shape and redefine her role in society.

Question: Your advice to young women and girls?

Answer: Believe in yourself, pursue your passions with determination, and don’t let societal expectations limit your ambitions. Education, resilience, and self-confidence are your strongest allies. Surround yourself with supportive individuals and never underestimate your potential. Your greatest power is within you, manifest it!

By Ms Eunice Golloh – (CEO & Founder – Impact Wave Initiative)