Miss Portia Norvise Golloh

In Honor of Miss Portia Golloh
A Woman of Power, Intelligence and Excellence (P.I.E)

For this month’s blog post we want to honor a special woman of P.I.E who made a significant impact not only to herself but to her community at large. Miss Portia Golloh was a Paralegal with PAE and the US Attorney’s Office at the Department of Justice. She loved her job and enjoyed working with her Attorneys and all her colleagues. She was also a Notary Agent for the State of Ohio and the Commonwealth State of Virginia. Our P.I.E lady Portia changed the narrative because she embodied a woman with character,  very wise, compassionate, helpful and full of love. The greatest thing was that she was a woman of faith. She loved and served God with all her heart. This was evidenced in her service in the house of the Lord and to people of all backgrounds. She shared the love of God in her actions and interactions. Portia was a rare gem because she had everyone’s interest at heart before hers. Her charitable and selfless spirit were divine gifts that showed how she served in her community. She was an overcomer because she testified of the goodness of God in her life. Portia left the world too soon as she had so much to give to the world. Nonetheless, we are proud to say that she fought a good fight, finished the race, and indeed kept faith and hope alive (II Tim. 4:7). Portia, we miss you dearly! However, we are comforted, knowing that you are in the good hands of your maker. Good job Portia for being a woman of P.I.E. You indeed changed the narrative and your legacy will continue to live one. We salute you!